Friday, September 30, 2011

Inspired by

For those of you who don't know, Adam and I are currently in the process of closing on our FIRST HOUSE!  We are so extremely excited for what the future holds for us in our new house (which will hopefully be ours in the next week or so).  We all know what comes along with buying a new place.... DECORATING!  There's nothing more excited to me than possibiliy.  There are soo many possibilities when it comes to decorating a new space to make it your own.  To help keep my mind off of the stresses of closing on a foreclosed home and to keep me from sitting on the couch all day just waiting for a phone call from our realtor telling me, "Today's the day!,"  I've been preoccupying myself by searching for decorating inspiration in stores, onling, and on my favorite site, Pinterest  (If you haven't heard of pinterest, I highly recommend it!  Check it out.).  I've been working on a few little projects here and there, so I decided I would post some ideas on here to hopefully inspire some of you all too.  While I was on Pinterest I saw this living room set-up and fell in love with the geometric artwork.

I was thinking to myself, "hmm... that looks pretty simple.  I bet I could make something like that!"  So, I did. 

{Step 1: Gather materials to draw a grid on the canvas}

{Step 2:  Draw Grid}
The measurements will obviously differ depending on what size canvas you use, but I did three equal sections on the right side to make the equal squares, then sort of freehanded the little section on the left. 

{Step 3:  Choose your paint colors.}
I wanted the painting to match the colors in our front 'reading room' at the new house so I chose black, white, mint green, coral, a light peachy color, and a touch of gold!

{Step 4:  Paint away!}

{The finished product hanging on our wall!}

I cannot wait to find the perfect spot in our new 'reading room' for this painting.  Hope you like it.  Stay tuned for some more craft ideas, room inspiration, and house updates!

Much love,

Stephanie P.