Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Restyle: Patio Furniture

A few months ago my mother-in-law gave us an iron table patio set.  You know, one of those everyday sets that everyone has had in their backyard at one point or another.  Well, I decided to give ours a little makeover (since it was going to need a fresh coat of paint anyways).  Take a look at the transformation!


 ** Always make sure you take the extra time to get a good, even coat of primer on whatever you're painting for the paint to adhere better and look brighter!  I always used to skip this step, but it's VERY important to get a more professional look.

 (TA DA!  The bright yellow!  I used Krylon Spray Paint in Sun Yellow for those of you who are wondering)

 (AFTER:  Complete with my first handmade place mats!  I'm pretty proud! lol)

And there you have it... the project that took waaay longer than it should have, but finally got completed!  I learned a few lessons along the way that might be helpful to those of you who are planning on painting furniture sometime soon.  Lesson 1: As stated before, ALWAYS make time to use primer.  It helps the paint adhere better, give it a brighter, more professional look, and helps your spray paint go a lot further.  Lesson 2:  It will take more spray paint to complete your project than you initially might expect.  Maybe I was just oblivious, but it took almost double the amount of spray paint that I first thought!  Lesson 3:  DO NOT spray paint anything in 100 degree weather!  Hopefully those little lessons will help any of you out there who don't have much experience painting furniture.  We used the table for the first time a couple weekends ago and I was soo excited to finally show off our first patio set! 

*** Stay tuned for a post on how I made these cute, reversible place mats!

Tilt Umbrella: Ikea
Globe Lights: Target
Tea-light Centerpiece: Pier 1
Citronella Tea-light Candles: Pier 1

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