Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Christmas Story

A friend of mine posted this video and it was just too precious to pass up sharing it with you all!  I love the way it was shot and the narrators are adorable (kids + english accents = cuteness overload!).  Enjoy!

** you may have to stop the music from automatically playing by scrolling to the bottom of this page first!.  


  1. That was ADORABLE! When the star ran by the first time, Alex asked, "what the heck was that??" And then he laughed very hard when the star started "twinkling" (when it was flapping it's ends). I loved the glow stick ending the best though. Thanks for sharing that. You should post this on fb.

  2. I gotta add: the sheep kinda freaks me out. It looks a bit like Marylin Manson... Sorry.