Friday, December 30, 2011

A punch of Sparkle.

New Year's! 


What are YOU doing New Year's Eve?!  My family has been in town this week (YAY!) and with a toddler and a baby staying at our house, our house is a little bit messy to say the least!  So, by the looks of it, I'll be spending most of the day-side of New Year's Eve cleaning my house (bleh.) preparing for some of our friends to join us for the BIG UK Wildcats basketball game against their rivals, the Louisville Cardinals and for an eventful evening at our new house!  We are so excited to see some of our friends who moved away from the area which is always a recipe for good stories and good times.

Whether you're spending the evening at home, at a fancy restaurant or a night on the town New Year's Eve always calls for one thing... a little touch glitz. 

New Years

I'm not much for glitz and glam on an everyday basis, but New Years is one event that definitely inspires me to wear a little bit of sparkle.  Every girl is in a better mood when there is glitter or sparkles involved, so liven up the party a bit with an outfit like this or pair a sparkly top with your favorite pair of dark washed jeans for a casual evening.

Well, I'm not sure about you, but I'm planning on the more casual evening despite the little piece of me that wants to do it big in the city and get all dressed up and I am more than happy with that.  Regardless of your plans for Saturday night,

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