Friday, January 13, 2012

Silhouette Collages

I know this post is a little late considering Christmas was 3 1/2 weeks ago, but I did this project very last minute to adorn some empty wall space in our front room before my family got into town for the holidays.  I had a few canvas boards laying around from past projects that I had done, so I decided to make what I'm now deeming "Silhouette Collages."  I threw a few materials that I had laying around my house together to create these cost-effective, cute little gems.  All you need is a (few) canvas boards, mod podge, a paint brush/foam brush, old newspaper, and packing paper (yea, that's right, packing paper... I got a decent size roll of it from the Dollar Tree to use as wrapping paper for presents).

Simply tear a few pieces of newspaper, randomly mod podge it onto your boards, cut out any silhouette from the packing paper, then mod podge your silhouette on top of your 'collage' of newspaper and this is what you get....

The reindeer is my personal favorite!  When I was thinking of this project and how I wanted to implement it I thought of few other ways you could try such as using a pattern fabric w/ a solid color silhouette (or vice versa) or painting a black background and making the silhouette from an awesome festive patterned fabric.  But, for this project I wanted to keep it simple so I could place them in different rooms without having to worry much about matching the decor. 

Have fun exploring and playing around with the many options of making 'Silhouette Collages'! 

Warning:  More past-due Christmas posts are on the horizon (mainly just Christmas presents that I made for people that I couldn't post on here until after I gave them their presents)! 

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