Monday, February 20, 2012

It's like I won the lottery.

My co-worker, Cindy, and I have a lot in common in that we both love doing crafty things, decorating, following blogs and such.  She obviously knows that have recently purchased our first home and are in the process of doing some remodeling here and there.  She got an email about a giveaway from one of the blogs she subscribes to and knew it was just what I've been looking for; a $50 gift certificate to get any Cutting Edge Stencil of your choice!  So, like most people, I halfheartedly (yet excitingly) put my name in for the drawing (with a ton of other ladies out their in blogland) on Friday evening, expecting that I for sure would not win it.

Oh ye of little faith.

I came into work this dreaded Monday morning and Cindy beeped me on my phone.  YOU WON!  I was just in shock and so extremely excited that I had to check the website to see for myself.  Yup, there it was. MY NAME under the AND THE WINNER IS... sign.  You would've thought I won the lottery  I was so happy.  

{see MY NAME very faintly under the Cutting Edge Logo?!}

I can FINALLY check my name off of the 'I've never won anything in my life' list, thanks to Traci at Beneath My Heart! Check out her blog HERE.

I can't wait to get my gift certificate and share with you all the projects that I do with my new stencil! Hope your Monday wasn't quite as dreary and dreadful as we all know Monday's can be!

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