Monday, October 31, 2011

Costumes, Costumes, Costumes!

                         Happy Halloween 

Even though I'm a little bit of a debbie downer this Halloween and do not plan on dressing up, I thought I would share some cute and creative costumes with you to keep in line with the festivities! Maybe I'll steal (I mean... borrow) some of these ideas next Halloween!

{AF Model}

{Homemade Owl Costume}

{Homemade Jellyfish Costume}

{Hoodie Shark Costume}

{'Homeless' Kid}

{Lego Men}

{Pregnant Skeleton}

{Taco Bell Sauces}

{Rock, Paper, Scissors!}

**All costumes via Pinterest

Hope you are having a great Monday and an even better Halloween!!

~Stephanie P.

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