Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Little lovelies

A few weeks ago great family friends of ours, the Hawks', welcomed their new baby girl into the world!  Carsyn Asher Hawks.  She is soo adorable and I cannot wait to actually meet this precious one in person.  I can only imagine the amount of love that her two older brothers are giving her. 

How cute is she!?!  I found this plain, ivory colored onesie at a store in Lexington that's sort of like Marshall's or TJMaxx called Gabriel Brothers for a whopping $1.25 and just had to make something for her.  With those cute little ruffles on the front, how could I pass this one up?!  Here are a few pics (from my phone, lol) of the initials I added to the onesie.

Hopefully we'll get a few pictures of Carsyn when she can actually fit into it.  Happy Wednesday everyone!  

Much love,

Stephanie P.

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