Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Reveal!

Welcome to the little picture tour of 'La Casa de la Pearson's'!!  I mostly am posting these so my parents can see what our new house looks like (since they're 500 miles away in DC), but I figured you all might enjoy a little tour as well!   So, welcome to our home!  (Keep in mind that these pictures are before we did any work on the house or moved any of our belongings in!  So, no, those lovely golden light fixtures will NOT be staying... sorry grandma.)


{Front living space.}

{Little hallway to the kitchen/stairs.  Half bath on the left, closet on the right}

{Our little cozy kitchen.}

{Living room.}

{View of the backyard from the back of the living room}

{Top of the stairs and laundry room doors.}

{Guest bedroom}

{Guest bedroom #2 aka Adam's 'Man-cave'.}

{View of backyard from guest bedroom #2}

{Another view of the backyard from guest bedroom #2}

{Guest bath.}

{Master bedroom}

{Master bedroom}

{Walk-in closet!!!}

{Master bath.}
There you go!  We are totally in love with this house (it also helps that we got a pretty great deal on it too!).  We have a laundry list of things that we plan to do in the house so it's time to get down and dirty!  Bring on the long days of moving furniture, working on the flooring, changing light fixtures, fixing water leaks or plumbing issues etc.  We're ready.  We've been waiting for this day and we're ready to tackle these projects like a pair of 300 pound linebackers.  If you're in the area, feel free to join in on all of the wonderful festivities we have planned!

Bye for now,

Stephanie P.

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