Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mini Pumpkin Cream Pies

My contribution to the Thanksgiving meal was very limited since we were joining Adam's parents at their place for Thanksgiving and since we don't have any of our appliances hooked up and are still waiting for our fancy stainless steel, french-door refrigerator to arrive (soo can't wait for it to come).  I'm definitely not complaining about the fact that I did not have to slave over the stove, rush to feed everyone, and could hold off yet another year before my first attempt at making a turkey by myself (which I'm sure will be a complete disaster... which is why I will have a back-up plan whenever the time may come or I may even have a few trial runs before Thanksgiving rolls around again!).  I did however make these cute little pumpkin cream pies!  They were just as delicious as they are cute!  Click here to go to thecraftingchicks.com for the recipe (such a cute blog).  It's quite simple, and I even cheated a little bit to speed up the process by using the little pudding cups instead of making my own jello out of the box (that way we didn't have to wait for the jello to set).  These little cuties were a hit and would even make for a great gift to send home with your visitors or as little place holders for your guests.  I might even try to create my own mini-pot desserts... maybe an oreo cream pie, chocolate brownie blast, or a nice red velvet concoction for Christmas!?!  The possibilities are endless!

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